Database question

For the project I am working on, I’ve created a new database and connected to ignition. I am using tag historian to log the tag data for every 10 seconds. It is working as expected. I understand that ignition creates a new table to store the tag data. I am not able to read the values in the table through the database itself. For example, my tag history is as shown in capture-1. I saved the data in to excel which as shown in capture -2. When I tried to look the data in the data base it is as shown in capture-3. how can we make this data readable in the database? Can we customize this table to match the format as shown in the excel? Any ideas would be really helpful,

Thank you very much in advance,

If you want column-based storage, use Transaction Groups. That’s what they do.
The Tag Historian uses a consolidated table approach, where the tag names are stored separately and keyed to the data instead. You are expected to use Tag Historian queries within Ignition to access this data, either with bindings or scripting. That will yield datasets like you wish, hiding all of the manipulations required.
It is possible to access the data in the historian tables directly, using complex joins, unions, and pivots, but doing so is unsupported and could conceivably break for you in future versions of Ignition.