Database,scrpiting my sql

CAN I ask for help again?
i have problems in sql i dont know if it is in sql or scripting, i have my inventory table, the input and the output table, i want to know how i can show the the subtracted value of the input and the output table in my inventory table,thanks

It’ll likely be your SQL query.

If I’m understanding you correctly, try something like:

SELECT inventoryTable.*, inputtable.thing - outfeedtable.thing AS SubtractedValue FROM inventoryTable
INNER JOIN outputtable ON outputtable.something_that_is_in_inventoryTable = inventoryTable.something_that_is_in_outputtable
INNER JOIN inputtable ON inputtable.something_that_is_in_inventoryTable = inventoryTable.something_that_is_in_inputtable

This has been a GREAT companion ! For me. SQL%20in%2010%20Minutes|300x499

When asking such questions, it’s best to give an example: show what data you got (in what tables), and show what data you want to get out.

Then we can help a lot better with constructing the query.