Database translator

Hello All,

Today, I downloaded the FactorySQL package. I will be using it for moving data from my CLogix processors to an Access db. The problem I have is that when I try to start a group I receive the following error

The database translator cannot be found for connection (reporting)

I went back to the Database Connection Configuration screen where I was able to successfully test the conenction. I am using DNS with thr translator set to automatic.

I even tried to to change the translator from automatic to Access, but after I successfully test and close the window, when I go back to this screen the translator is back to automatic.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using a non-English language pack for Windows? The FactorySQL ODBC definition files use a string based name to identify the driver type. I’ll look into this more and post more information for you.

Thank you for your reply Nathan.

I am working in a plant in Mexico and the computer does have english and spanish installed on it. What would be your suggestion? My plan is to use FactorySQL in the workstation that we use to program/maintain the machine (where we have RSLinx installed) to create a bridge to a db server.

thank you again

We’ll definitely get FactorySQL talking to Access (although I would highly recommend SQL Server or MySQL, which is free).

The configuration file is in the /FactorySQL/database folder. It is probably Access.xml. The fourth line will look like this:

<Driver>Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)</Driver>

you need to make that match the ODBC driver type name. To get the name, go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC). Add a new datasource and note the exact name of the type that you choose. It might be Microsoft Access-Treiber(*.mdb).

Again, we will help you with this if we can’t straighten it out on the forum.


The fix worked. Thank you.