Database user source in manual mode, looking for more detail

I am not finding a lot of detail in setting up a database user source in manual mode. I have a table in my database that I can display in Perspective when I use the internal user source to log in.

When I change the user source to this table, using a database user source in manual mode, the gateway shows no items in the table:

I think I have setup the queries properly, but I cannot login with the user source set to this table.

Is there more detail than I find in the user manual on how to get a database user source in manual mode to work?

I am getting
[profileName=Ig_Gold] User listing query not specified
but I did specify the query
select fname, lname, schedule from ignition8goldtest.goldusers_users where username = ? and passwd = MD5(?)
in the authentication query

For List User Query I have:
select * from ignition8goldtest.goldusers_users

Psst! You aren’t supposed to post cert exam questions here (or anywhere else, actually). The point of an exam is to test your ability to solve the problem(s).

It was not a certification exam question. I am using an old database but the question I am asking was not on any certification exam I took.

I was able to figure out some of my problems. There are particular ways the tables and queries have to be specified that I had to reverse engineer. I think I have it working now, and when I have it fully tested I will post some information here.

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The attached PDF captures what I have learned so far about user authentication through a database connection using manual mode. If you can fill in the gaps, it would be very helpful to know.

Ignition_Users_Database_ManualMode_200805.pdf (129.4 KB)