Database user source not allowing login to designer

I have a database user source that was working with no issues in the past. We moved it to a new gateway a few months ago and it still worked fine. Recently, I haven't been able to log into the designer, even though I can verify that the Database user source properties look fine and can verify my credentials on the gateway webpage (so I know my username and password are correct).

I keep getting the pesky error Login failed: Please try again.

I also verified the last time I was fixing this that the project settings point to this user source and IdP, so I'm at my wit's end as to why this doesn't work.

What about the gateway's general designer login permission? Gateway General Security Settings - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

That was it... I missed the part where it's the Gateway AND DESIGNER security settings. Now, what's more weird is who could have changed this....

Thanks @PGriffith!!


Hello @PGriffith
I am facing the same issue but with the gateway login. I am not sure how can I change the settings in gateway without login.

That's not the same issue. You need to start a new thread.

I am not sure how can I change the settings in gateway without login.

You can't. You can only reset it if you've lost the password.

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Thanks @Transistor. That helped me to resolve this issue.
The issue was with the user source properties.

See Login When Active Directory Unreachable - #2 by Transistor for more ideas to prevent this occurring again.