Database validation poll

The database connection polls the database every 10 seconds to validate its OK.

I have a SQL Bridge running thru a cell router (ATT & Sprint) that means a packet is sent and received every 10 seconds. Every packet is at least 1K of data. I have two databases that are required. that means at the minimum I am using 4K of banwidth every 10 seconds. This means (4 * 360) = 1440K,

  • 24hrs = 34M, * 30 days = 1G data per month just to validate a database. I have 2 databases that means a minimum of 2G / mnth just to validate the connection.

If I can change the validation poll to 1M from 10 sec that will reduce the bandwith by a factor of 6 or only 345M for validation.

Is there a way to change the polling rate?

And if not can the be a feature request?

First of all: yes, we can add this as a feature request.

Your arithmetic is a bit flawed though. First of all you doubled it up (counted both database connections in the initial 4k figure, and then doubled again at the end to get to 2gb/mo). The other thing that seems highly suspect is your initial premise that “each packet is 1K of data”. How did you arrive at this figure?

Here is my math. There is at lest 4 data packets for the select statment. The phone company round up to 1K on the packets.

So here we go.

4K every 4 seconds = 60K per minute

60K per minute * 1440 minutes per day = 86.4M per day

86.4M / day * 30 days = 2.59G per month

2 data bases = 5G per month just in validation polls.

If this could be reduced for the SQL bridge when sitting on a Cell network to once every 2 minutes it would reduce the data usage to 172M / month which would work.

I need to update the SQL databases once every 5 minutes with 4 transaction records, which should add about 150M to the data usage.

I set up a system to test this and the numbers I am seeing are matching the validation polls I have figured. I have a SQL bridge with 2 databases and U ran it for 4 days and my numbers match the high data usage.

Don’t you mean: 4K every 10 seconds = 24K per minute?

It seems really crazy to me that you’re being changed per packet with each packet rounded up to 1k. I mean, these packets are all well under 150 bytes. The entire exchange (which, by the way, is nine packets) adds up to 764 bytes. That’s under 1k, but you’re telling me you’re being charged for 9k? I have a hard time believing that anyone could bill in such a punitive manner. This is cell, right, not satellite? What a rip-off!!

Anyhow - I’ll add this as an option, it’ll be in 7.6.2 or 7.6.3.

I know.

Calculating data usage is one thing real life is another.

That is why I put together a system to test and ran actual tests over several days and checked with the cell provider what the actual usage was.

Any further development on this issue?

It’s slated for 7.6.5

This feature has been added to ignition v7.6.5 rc1.

I have downloaded the beta version of 7.6.5… how is this polling feature accessed/modified?

Configure->Database Connections->Edit. The setting you’re looking for is between enabled and failover datasource in the database connection edit form. The setting is called Validation Timeout.