Database Writes Terminated

I have a project with 44 transaction groups running and a number of HMI screens. Up until a month ago I did not have any difficulties. However, recently there have been two occasions where data is missing from the morning report I auto generate each day. The data is easily recovered from store and forward by restarting the Ignition Service. When I look in the console I find no reason for the stopped writing of data to the SQL server.

Why isn’t the Ignition system automatically resuming writing to the SQL machine after whatever causes the break? Why do I have to restart Ignition to recover the data?

The customer is using Ignition 7.3.7

If you go to the Configuration section of the Ignition gateway and click on ‘Store and Forward’, you’ll be able to view the quarantine control. This should allow you to see what queries are not getting through. That would be a good place to start. Ignition won’t sideline a query unless it fails for some reason, in which case the query can be re-tried or deleted from quarantine control.

If the problem is only happening every now and again, we may need to wait for it to pop up again so we can gather more information.

These queries were not quarantined. They were just being held in store and forward and not being written to the SQL server.

This might be the result of a blocked thread. In specific, the thread responsible for forwarding data. In order to verify this, we’ll need to wait for it to happen again and grab a thread dump before restarting the service.

To grab a thread dump, go to the Ignition Gateway page -> Configuration -> Console -> Threads tab. At the bottom there is a button to download a thread dump. I would recommend sending the dump to