Datalogger recommendations

I would like to get a recommendation on a datalogger that Ignition can access. We currently use a AB CompactLogix to gather Thermocouple and 4-20 current. It is overkill, and was going to consider using a Micrologix 1400, but even that seems too much.

Having the ability for the unit to save the data internally or to an ftp site would also be useful.

I’ve seen some Yokogawa units in the field that seemed to work well for low speed applications. The MW100 line looks like it would also meet your FTP requirements. … tion-unit/

I’ve been using items from EZAutomation

We love the ioLogik E-series units from Moxa. Dead simple to configure and cheap Modbus/TCP units… Don’t do internal logging, but we use them coupled with transaction groups in the scenario you’ve described. They even have some simple if/then logic capabilities for simple tasks.


I haven’t used any of these with Ignition yet but they look promising. The analog unit has
8 channels.

It sure looks like I will be trying to use as many of the ezautomation products as I can. Not being biased…
its nice to see some U.S.A manufacturing with very affordable prices! :thumb_right: