Dataset Bidirectional Binding

I think I want to keep going through scripting in order to verify the edited values, but when editing a dataset in a table, it is possible to have the modified value written back to the dataset tag using bidirectional binding? I tried it and it does not seem to work. Maybe I have missed a setting?



This shows up over and over in the manual, which I think means you cannot do this.

Note: Datasets are immutable, which means they cannot be directly modified once created. Instead, this scripting function returns a new dataset with some modification applied, which must be assigned to a variable to be used. See Altering a Dataset.

Datasets being immutable doesn’t prevent you from overwriting them. A system.tag.write* call on a dataset tag works, I would expect a bi-directional binding to work as well.

You could be completely correct, half the time i post is to entice someone one smarter to correct me. (;


Well, I already have one table on the screen I am making that reads the DS, updates it and then writes it back to the tag.

I was just curious to know if that functionality is under the hood when you select bidirectional on a dataset tag binding but based on the actual behavior, that answer seems like a no.


Is this a feature going to be added?
This would be very useful when binding a table directly to a dataset.