DataSet Custom property on UDT has value of [Unknown Type] when written

I've got a UDT that we are wanting to attach a DataSet custom property to the main UDT. This will hold static data throughout the UDT and we are trying to get away from having tags just for this purpose.

If I create an instance of this UDT and look at the custom properties I see the normal view for a dataset.

However, if I write to that dataset from anything, scripting, binding etc... the value changes to this:

Interestingly the added row is there in the binding and all the data works. I just can't view it from the Tag Browser.

If I create a normal memory tag ad add that same dataset as a custom property on the tag it works just fine. Adding,removing etc all show normally and show the dataset value in the tag browser.

So before I commit to using custom properties for this... is the DataSet value showing [Unknown Value] a bug or am I doing something that is out of bounds for these custom properties?

FWIW this happens in 8.1.20 and 8.1.21

It certainly seems like you should be able to use Dataset just fine in a custom property, so I would say this is a bug.

Does Document have the same issue, out of curiousity?

that might be a bit tougher to test with bindings as I'm all in Vision right now. But I'll see what I can do.