dataset.getRowCount() not returning an integer?

Here’s the basic code I have setup, I’m sorting datasets based on the criteria that they have a certain number of rows. But, the get.rowCount() function isn’t returning an integer?

for i in range(len(noteList)):
	for header in headerList[1:]:
		path = str(noteList[i]) + "/" + str(header)		
		param =		
		if param is not None: 
			if param.getRowCount > 0:

The script console in the designer says something about a bound method, and is printing out this:

15:32:29.776 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - <bound method com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.BasicDataset.getRowCount of Dataset [0R ? 4C]>

You are missing the parentheses. The pair after the function name that cause it to be executed instead of returned. Functions are first-class objects in python and can be passed around like any other objects.

You may be confusing jython’s ability to take methods like .getRowCount() and interpret them as netbeans-style getters, which allows you to type .rowCount instead.

Wow, that was embarrasing. lol. thanks

Personally, I use the netbeans-style short forms wherever possible, simply to make my code more readable.