Dataset in tag expresion in fault

hello I have a tag of which I have a split, of this tag I want to make another tag with a part of the split and the tag is in fault, how do you handle a tag when it is a dataset?

this is my expresion i find this with the insert tag of the tag editor. see the imagin
{[.]idPilaCerradaSplit[parts][2, 0]}

Use {[.]idPilaCerrradaSplit}[2, "parts"] - the {tagpath} brings the entire dataset into the expression, then the [row, column] after dictates exactly which cell of the dataset you want to refer to.

See the manual for more info:

Yes, I’ve noticed the tag selector in the tag expression editor inserts the path to datasets as shown above (which does not work).

@PGriffith is there a reason the tag selector in the editor doesn’t insert it in the correct format you note, or just a bug?

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Looks like just a bug. I’ll file a ticket - didn’t realize that’s what it was doing.

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Thanks PGriffith is correct your dataset expression

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