Dataset in the report module

Hi, I am new to ignition and i am experimenting with the report module. I want to print a PDF with a table containing information given by the user. So far I have been able to get the information on the table in Vision and move it to the report on a Dataset parameter, but when I try to put the dataset on de design section and save the PDF it does not appear as the table but as a list like this [Column1=11; Column2=12;] instead of a table similar to how it looks on the Vision section.

I checked the video tutorials and the documentation about tables but it does not give an idea on how I can go from the dataset parameter to a proper table that I can put on the pdf and putting the dataset as Data Key did not do anything.

Thank you in advance for the help.

The reporting module cannot auto-format a complete table from a dataset. You must provide consistent structure to the report’s table (column names & type), though you can hide stuff and override displayed column names. Other’s who have attempted such an automated table use a report script to create a 2nd dataset with preset column names to satisfy the report table’s limitations. Search this forum…