Dataset Integer to String Text Conversion

Hi Everyone,
I am working with a project where I would like to log when the PLC sets or resets an auto request for a device ie a valve open command.
I have set the tag as a historical tag set to on change. This is working and I can call up a Table component and view the data no problem.
I would however like the data I see in the table to be changed from say the integer value "1" to a more understandable string value such as "Opened in Auto by PLC". I have been playing around with data sets trying to update values and append but I am wondering if there is an easier way to do this.


What kind of table are you using, and is your project Vision or Perspective?

The project is vision and I am using the table component.

The table customizer should be able to hande that for you.

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How have I never found this before I dont know. Will be trying this out next time I am back on this project.