Dataset length vs width

I know that there is a command called LEN() and if used on a dataset will tell you how many records long the dataset is.

My question is, is there a similar command for determining the number of columns?

I am using a stored proceedure and depending on the variables sent across determines the number of columns returned. I want to be able to used this in an if statement.

Thanks and have a great day.

If you’re needing the number of columns in a “standard” dataset (vs. a pyDataSet), you can use the following:

columnCount = datasetname.getColumnCount() columnCount2 = datasetname.columnCount
Here are some other functions you might find useful:

rowCount = datasetname.getRowCount() rowCount2 = datasetname.rowCount columnNames = datasetname.getColumnNames() columnName = datasetname.getColumnName(columnIndex) columnIndex = datasetname.getColumnIndex("ColumnName") columnTypes = datasetname.columnTypes columnType0 = columnTypes[0] columnList = datasetname.getColumnAsList(columnIndex) columnList2 =[columnIndex] value = datasetname.getValueAt(rowIndex, columnIndex) value2 = datasetname.getValueAt(rowIndex, "ColumnName") value3 =[columnIndex][rowIndex] #Note index order value4 = datasetname.getData()[columnIndex][rowIndex] #Note index order datasetname.setValueAt(rowIndex, columnIndex, newValue)[columnIndex][rowIndex] = newValue #Note index order dsContainsNulls = datasetname.datasetContainsNulls() colContainsNulls = datasetname.columnContainsNulls(columnIndex) dsXML = datasetname.getAsXML() dsXML2 = datasetname.asXML print datasetname.__class__.__dict__
If you want the width of a pyDataSet, you can use this:

columnCount3 = len(pydatasetname[0])