Dataset lookup

I’ve got a dynamic property dataset. It has multiple columns and I need to query against this using the Lookup expression. Problem is, the criteria involves values from 2 of the columns, anyway to do this easily?

You should be able to use other functions like concat (string concatenation) within your lookup expression.

I do not understand how I could you the concat function. here is what my dataset looks like:

I want to return the value in column “Text”, but i want to lookup the number 2012 in column “y” and the number 4 in column “m”

lookup({Root Container.SellDays},2012,"","y","Text")

how do i incorporate column “m” in the above code?

You can’t do that with the lookup function right now. However, you can add an additional column to the dataset (if it is a SQL query) called ym which is a concatentation of the year and month columns. In MySQL you can do the following:SELECT CONCAT(year, month)

ok, i can do that. it sounded like it could be done on the ignition side.