Dataset memory tag not reflecting updated values

I am having a strange issue wit datasets in a memory tag. I am writing a new dataset generated in a script to a memory tag to be displayed in a table. In the attached image, I have written a 40R X 6C dataset to the tag Orent1, which is linked to the table in the middle of the image.

The table continues to reflect the old dataset, and the tag browser also shows the old dataset dimensions. When I open the tag in the tag editor, it reflects the new data in the value field.

I am running Ignition 8.1.2

Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? I am not sure where to start troubleshooting this one.

When you created the dataset tag, did you copy and paste it from another tag and then rename it? I’ve had this happen to me by copying and pasting tags before. If so, delete the tag and recreate it.

I did copy / paste the tags. Unfortunately I am getting the same result from newly created tags as well.

Please show your code.

Preferably by using the preformatted text option, and not a screen shot.

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I have done a bit of digging since the last update, Here’s what I have learned so far:

The issue appears to apply to all memory tags
Restarting the tag from the context menu causes the tag to reflect the updated value
The issue is persistent across other projects on the same server

For a code snippet, it can be replicated on something as simple as


That will return a 2 for pending. The tag will take the value of 15 when it is restarted from the context menu. OPC tags are working normally

I’m guessing this is some type of copy/paste error, because that code would not work.

It is indeed

What happens if you try the newer writeBlocking method?


Are you writing from a designer/client that is on a different machine than the gateway? And is there anything else that writes to the tag, a gw tag change script or anything?

It returns:
The tag still does not update until it is restarted in the context menu.

Are you writing from a designer/client that is on a different machine than the gateway? And is there anything else that writes to the tag, a gw tag change script or anything?

I have been working with a machine different than the gateway. It appears that when I do it from the gateway it works correctly. I have tried several non-gateway machines, and none of them are able to update the tag, through scripts, the tag browser, or by binding a numeric input on a vision client.

The tags I am working with are not written or referenced by any other objects currently.

We have found the issue to be that the system clock on the server side was configured incorrectly. Once that was rectified everything began functioning normally.

A big thanks to everyone posting here with suggestions!


Hi, I’m having a similar problem with a data set of memory string tags, where when I export to csv and then import the dataset to/from a power table, I see the tags are updated in the database, but this udt structured animation link stops working: {1}Val_stepDesc

The animation link works perfectly before the csv table import, and the data looks perfect in the power table before and after the import, but the animation link shown above stops working.

If I delete the tag and recreate it, it works perfectly, until i perform another csv import, then it stops updating.

It seems like the csv import partially corrupts something about the udt data set tag.