Dataset Optimization

I have an app with a main window that displays data, fixed number of rows/columns. 25 rows and 9 columns. My form shows each of these numbers in separate labels. I am using a sql statement to get each value. Of course it is hammering the server.

Looking for the best strategy to have one query, update every couple of minutes (other users/pages are updating certain columns) and display the data with individual labels. Each label would always reference the same row column.

I am thinking of some way to have the window (or transaction group or…) use a system.db.runQuery to update a dataset, and I can reference the row and column for each label to display the data.

Unless there is a clear path I am missing, can I…
Can I reference a transaction group like a dataset? Reference row and column date some way?
Create a custom property on a window that runs a query every couple of minutes and ref the dataset with row/colum?

Looking for a good strategy because I only need the window updated every couple of minutes with a single query.


Can you create a SQL/dataset tag and set it to a scan class with the time span you want?
Then just bind the table to the dataset tag instead of a query.

I do not have a table to bind the dataset tag to, can I bind label values to the dataset tag?
Will look at creating a dataset tag (didn’t know there was such a thing)