Dataset Parameters into Report's Table


I am trying to build a table within a perspective report based on a query I am running outside of the report. Here are the parameters I am passing in to the report, where report_info is the results of a named query.

reportParams = {
	    "picklist_id": some_id,
	    "requestor": some_id.requestor,
	    "job_num": some_id.job_number,
	    "request_date": some_id.due_date,
	    "picked_by": some_id.picked_by,
	    "table_data": report_info

which is being taken in to the data source as follows where the table_data parameter is set to dataset:

I have tried a few variations of filling a table with the pick_data key and even the original table_data dataset without any luck. I would assume I can access the data with some variation of what is in the property inspector as well as @pick_data.description@:

I have been unable to find any genuine documentation on the dataset parameter type, so even a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I expect you will need to start with a query data source in the report as a template for design purposes (as only those present themselves in the UI), and later replace that data key with the scripted or parameterized one.

Also note that whatever column names you use in your design, you will have to make the substitute data sources conform. You cannot use dynamic column names in a report's design.

{Also, I adjusted the topic. It has nothing to do with Perspective.}

I am trying to avoid using a query data source. The reason being that I am trying to report on table rows that are no longer available, so I am querying for the data, manipulating it, and then sending this report with executeAndDistribute.

I understand, but you need one to be a dummy for design. After you get the dummy data from a true query to look right, delete the dummy and use that data key in your script to assign the true data.