Dataset tag binding

I just wanted to check if I was missing something, Is there a way to bind a single cell of a memory dataset tag to a component like a label?

The way I’m doing it works but is pretty long-winded and I’m having to do it a lot:

  1. create custom property that reads the value I want from the dataset
  2. bind the property I want (text for a label) to it
  3. create script that checks for the right property change, and that the new value is different from the custom property
  4. re-writes the dataset with the new value

I understand datasets are immutable, but being able to bind directly to an address of a dataset tag should be the real advantage of using those types of tags :slight_smile:

Components are in clients and memory tags are in the gateway, so no. But you can do the equivalent by scripting the necessary updates in a gateway tag change event.

Hi Phil, your answer here confuses me; all tags are in the gateway yet I could bind almost any other type of tag value to a label in Ignition using the tag address.

For anyone viewing this thread (and therefore probably just struggling with the syntax of this binding), this is indeed possible by using an expression, take a look here.

The OP’s description implies bi-directional binding. That is what isn’t possible for cells of a dataset.