Dataset tag with column type byte[] failing after UDT edit


I have defined a dataset tag with a single column of type byte. I use this to store image files.

This works perfectly up until the point when i edit the UDT containing this dataset tag.
When the UDT is edited (edit applied and saved to gateway), the tag data is lost (tag value = null).
The following error appears in tag diagnostic:

Cannot coerce value '{"columns":[{"name":"bytes","type":"byte[]"}],"rows":[[[-1,-40,...1,-39]]]}' 
into type: interface com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.Dataset

Note: i have cut the data lenght with “…” to make this readable. Full error in attached txt files.

Tag setup when working:

Working tag (before UDT is edited):

Failed tag (after UDT is edited)

Tag diagnostics:

TagDiagnosticsLastError.txt (32.2 KB)
TagDiagnosticsLastErrorCause.txt (32.2 KB)