Dataset under Cell Update not updating with new columns I added to data property - how to refresh this?

Using Ignition 8.0.14.

I have a table where the data property bound to a SQL query and the Column Attributes is bound to a Cell Update binding.

I recently added three new columns to the end of my SQL query, but I am not seein gthem under the Cell Update binding, so I can’t bind their visibility to the proprety that I want.

Oddly enough, early today, I added two other columns and they ARE there - see flag and autoFlag at the top of my dataset

Is there a way to tell this to refresh? I’ve opened and closed it a few times but it is still not grabbing the new columns.

Vision, I presume? Open the table customizer. That’s what populates the c-a-d from scratch. (And you may not end up with a column definition in the same place, so be prepared to edit your cell update binding afterwards.)

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Yes, vision. That did the trick, thanks.