I’m attempting to modify a table field utilizing a for loop and dataset.updateRow. Essentially code is:

for row in range(table.rowCount):
custom property = table.getValueAt(row, “field”)
custom property = table.getValueAt(row, “field”)
custom property = difference between two custom properties found above
updates = (‘custom property’: table field)
newdata = system.dataset.updateRow(table, row, updates)
getComponent(table) = newdata

I’ve added print statements to verify code is working (e.g. print row, print custom property…), but dataset is never updated.

Is it possible to update a table in this manner?

I found problem with code. Before entering for loop had the following:

table = event.source.parent.getComponent(dataset).data

So, after every updateRow command the original data was written back to dataset newdata.

Glad you figured it out. Next time feel free to post the actual code rather than pseudo-code (and use the forums code tags).