Datasource fault

When too many clients log on we get a datasource fault. What can we do to fix this?

This is what the datasource is currently running, a lot of times the Throughput is over 100 queries/sec

Total Queries 3,012,988
Query Duration
(Min / Avg / Max) 0.00 / 0.00 / 3.39
Throughput 93.22 queries/sec

It looks like your connection is getting overwhelmed. Two things you can do:

  1. Try to consolidate queries

  2. Increase the Max Active property for the DB connection in Ignition Gateway Configuration. It is an advanced setting on the connection edit screen.

The second one will increase the number of active connections to the database at a time. This assumes your DB allows that number of connections. The default setting is 8 but you can increase it to 20 or so.