DatasourceAuditProfile messages in log

After adding some gateway scripts and changing alarm configuration on some tags I noticed some “DatasourceAuditProfile” messages in the log. They appeared after I saved and published the project and did not re-occur overnight. The verbose messages seem to be pointing toward the “tag edit” action on the alarm configuration changes I was doing. Should I be concerned about these?

The “string or binary data would be truncated” error is associated with audit DB columns for serialized data having too small of a default width. IIRC, the last time I saw such an event it was a large dataset in a tag.

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Yep - this just indicates that some audit log message is too long for one of the columns in the audit table in the database. In 7.9.11 new audit profiles will use the database’s text/longtext type (instead of varchar(255)) to minimize this problem. For now - any of these errors should be in your S+F quarantine - you can either ignore them and delete them (if you don’t need them) or increase the length/change the datatype of the columns in your audit profile and push the records again.

Thanks for the replies!