DataTypes attributes take the value NULL

Good morning.

It describes the incident that is currently happening to us in version 7.9.9 of Ignition:

We have created a DataType called “Moldeadora” composed of other DataTypes (“Alarmas”, “Ciclo”, “Estado”, etc.). These “DataTypes” have attributes of different types: OPC, Memory, SQL Query, etc.

Next we have created several instances of the “Moldeadora” DataType:


The problem is when you edit and save some of the DataTypes that make up the “Moldeadora” DataType: OPC and SQL Query type attributes take the NULL value momentarily, so that there is a temporary disconnection in the clients and in the historical ones.
For example, if I edit the DataType “Ciclo” and click on “Apply”:


… it happens that all the attributes of all the “Moldeadoras” that are of type OPC or SQL Query pass to NULL momentarily, as if the instances were being reloaded, and during that reconnection the values ​​were in NULL.

  • Tags (pass to NULL for a few seconds):


  • Client (loss of connection for a few seconds):

  • Historical (loss of records):

It is a serious problem because information is lost every time we edit and save a DataType.

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Any help please?

The instances are being reloaded, and are therefore null briefly. If your process can’t handle that, don’t edit those data types during production. You can also manually clean up the tag history’s nulls if you know you can’t avoid an edit.

Ok. Thank you.