Date and time in header converted to input field?

i have an expression in a label that just dumps today's date and time. when it renders in the browser, it is converted to an input field and pops up a date selector when clicked on. this is unwanted, unbuilt, and generally not what i built. what's going on here?

it is a very straightforward expression setup too:

how the heck do i stop this behaviour!? so very weird and VERY unwanted.

Are you sure there isn't an onClick event on the root or the container that label is in?
I don't see page-label being displayed. Where's that hiding?

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page-label not relvant; visibilty set to false. no onClick events anywhere. that's it, that's all.

EDIT: should note, this is being placed in the header slot of Page Configuration, if that makes any difference.

Duplicate the component, same binding, see if it still happens.
Duplicate the view, create a new component, same binding, see if it still happens.

Look at it in the browser dev tools and see what DOM elements are wrapping the label.

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Have you checked to see what happens if you change the date? Perhaps you've unlocked time travel? Maybe try changing the time first to the night so you can see the change visually. All the best!