Date change format when language is changed

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I have a simple Power Table in a window that displays the production shifts.


As you can see the dates are formatted ( from the Table Customizer ). The issue is that this client can be set in 3 different languages ( ITA - ENG - FR ). The dates stay formatted correctly only when the client is in ITA, if I change ( from a Language Selector ) to ENG or FR the dates change ( bypassing the format from the Table Customizer )


Thanks for the help

Ignition 8.0.9 - Vision

I can’t replicate this in 8.1.5 and I don’t see a ticket saying we’ve fixed this, so I suspect there’s more going on here. Can you send this to support so they can take a look?

I’ve sent a support ticket.
Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I found the issue.
When the language changes, the labels in the Table Hader change also ( they change due to a script that creates the Table Header in different languages ) this refreshes the table, and the table customizer works only with the table specified in the Designer.
I had to leave the idea of having the multi-language inside the table.
With just one language ( the one specified inside the designer ) it works.

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