Date format displays string in Perspective Table component

hi Team,
i am trying get the data from SQL table to Perspective Table component, but dat format is displaying as string format, that i couldn't able to solve this.

  • In props.columns hit the + button and add in as many columns as you want to display.
  • In each of those edit the field value to the name of the SQL column.
  • For date display set the column's render to date.

so i have almost 9 columns from the SQL table, you mean i have to add all 9 columns in the prop.column field??

Yes, if you want full control of them.

okay!! let me try.

Thanks Any way for the timely response :slight_smile:

In your SQL query, replace the datetime columns with this:
from_unixtime(column_name / 1000) or the equivalent for your database.


edit: Actually, don't. It's probably better to let the table handle the display format... Configure your columns as @Transistor said.


Thanks :slight_smile: