Date Format for Query in Easy Chart - Ignition 7.6.6

I would like to use Easy Chart (in historical mode) to plot some data belonging to an historical database out of my control.
The date format used from that db is ‘yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss’.
How could I set such format for date when query is executed?
Reading Documentation it seems that an expert property named “Format Date” should exist but I don’t find it.

Beside from the console log I see the following trace

SQLQuery(query=SELECT DateTime, Value FROM History WHERE DateTime >= ? AND DateTime <= ? AND History.TagName = ‘AO_BLCUXX_Mg_Q1C.fa_A2CuFk’ ORDER BY DateTime, database=historical)@0ms

How could I know what substiutes the question mark?

I have found what is the cause of my problem but not the fix to it.

Db returns as datetime colum string as this ‘2014-06-10 19:08:17.5750000’ that ignition interprates as string and not date.

For this reason nothing is plotted and following error message is raised:

Invalid type [String] for X value of pen [prova/Feedback]. Expected a [Date].
Invalid type [String] for X value of pen [prova/Value]. Expected a [Date].

only string as ‘2014/06/10 19:08:17.5750000’ are correctly interprated.

How could I say to ignition to consider a date string loke this ‘2014-06-10 19:08:17.5750000’