Date Format in Table Changing Capitalization on Language Switch

Ignition Vision Application 8.0.x.

I've got a table that in English has the format Mmm DD, YYYY HH:MM PM, but when switched to Spanish it has the format mmm. DD, YYYY HH:MM p. m. The plant is asking to capitalize the first character in the month in Spanish.

The table customizer does not have any option for changing per language. Is there another setting that I'm missing to configure this?

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On a regular table component, you can change the text to whatever you want using the getDisplayTextAt extension function. Overriding the default text with something like this would probably meet your requirement:

#def getDisplayTextAt(self, [...], value, defaultText):
	# if the value is a date and the selected language is Spanish...
	if value.__class__.__name__ == 'Date' and system.util.getLocale() == 'es':
		# Apply special formatting for this locale setting
		date =, 'dd, MMM yyyy hh:mm a')
		# Break the resultant string apart, and explicitly capitalize the first letter of the month character
		return date[:4] + date[4].upper() + date[5:]

	# Return the default text , if the value is not a date
	return defaultText


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