Date Format problem in ignition Reporting

Hello All,

I am trying to build a report in ignition report designer. Myself trying to get the Date format as “EEE-ddd”. For the whole month, say 1st march is Tuesday so format should be Tue 01& 2nd march is Wednesday so it should be Wed 02 and so on for the whole month. I have tried to write a script on parameter in ignition reporting but i am getting single format in one parameter and if i want to have the next day format i again need to build a parameter script for next day. These i have to do it 31 times for the month. So is there any way to use one single parameter script for the whole month format.
Awaiting for the response…

I’m not sure exactly where you are trying to do this in the reporting module but I just tested it and it works just fine.
have you tried changing the Date format property of the component? no need to write a script 31 times…

Hello Mr.K001 thanks for the response.

The solution you have provided is for a single table or text field. but to get the date of that particular day and the consecutive day we need to create one parameter in data view of report sheet. here i am attaching the image which will clear your idea what i am trying to do.



Please explain why you need the next day. Also, have you tried using the addDays() expression function?

Hii pturmel,

Actually I am getting data of product code on daily basis and the data is coming from SQL. In SQL we havent configure the timestamp Column as we want to give the date from ignition itself. so I am using simple table of row say… 20 for the Date field only and the remaining data is coming from SQL.
so as u can see in image there are different product i.e 4 product code are produced on 1st day.
similarly for the next day other code and same code also will be produced.

As i am using simple table for getting date on each column so I need to build one parameter on data view in report sheet i.e, “Dayone” here i am writing script to get 1st day Date and I am succeed in that. but similar for the next day date to be printed i have to build a different parameter and drag it into the next table Column. like this I have to do it for each day Parameter Script as I need to drag it into my simple table.

So is there any way to build a single parameter script to get the date of 1st day of month, 2nd day of month and so on upto 31st march.

hope i clear your doubt. awaiting your suggestions.


I don’t understand. Please show your table schema and the SQL you are using to retrieve your data.