Date formatter on DateTimeInput takes in wrong date format

Not sure if I am in the right place, I know they just recently cut the forums in half.

Across all of ignition, default date formatter is that of Seems to be based on the default one for everything.

Format field in datetimeinput props field takes in a moment.js description instead, making it a pain to reuse elsewhere.

Well, I’m not sure what you’re looking for as a response here, you seem to have the situation pretty well understood. Your title says “… takes in wrong date format” but as you handily described, it’s not the “wrong” format, it’s just a different format.

You’re exactly right - the rest of Ignition formats dates using Java’s APIs, and so we ask users for a Java date format string.

The Perspective front-end, of course, cannot do this because it is running in the browser, and therefore cannot make use of Java’s date format APIs, and so we use moment instead. I’m sure you’ll agree that this inconvenience is better than the performance hit if we were to require a message back to the gateway in order to do basic date formatting.

If this is a big enough deal for you, you could roll your own date input field of sorts using a standard text field, some custom properties, and an expression binding. The expressions do run on the back-end, and therefore can make use of the Java date formatting utilities.

Thank you for the clarification.