Date Range 'Auto' date style

What exactly does the ‘Auto’ Date Style mean? I live in Australia where we write the date as DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD, and have my Windows datetime format set as such, however the ‘Auto’ option in Ignition components for the date style seems to always use the American format (MM/DD/YYYY)?

It’s a bit annoying having to change this all the time, but I’m also interested in how I would develop an application for use in multiple countries and have the date format use the localised OS format, if Auto doesn’t do this? (without having to bind every date style to an expression)

Looking at the code, Auto date style means we’re getting the date format from the current locale, which is supplied to us by Java. Java can be a little persnickety on what locale it gives us – some of the things I’ve found that can affect this are what the OS installation was set to on initial installation, what the OS was set to when Java was first installed, and whether Ignition is set to allow regional variations.

If you let me know what version of Ignition you’re using, I can see if there’s anything we can do to make this a better experience for you.

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Thanks for the info Kathy. I’m using the released 8.0.0 at the moment, but noticed this in versions from when I first started using Ignition in I think it was 7.7.4 (such a newbie… but forever converted :grin:).

Actually I’ve just checked that my locale was indeed set correctly, but it was still set to the US. It looks like I had only changed the language and hence datetime formatting to Australia. Changing to Australia in the locale has now fixed the datetime format in Ignition as well. Oops


Whew! Glad to hear it.