Date Range Component, dateStyle styles


My users use to have date formated with 2 digits for day and month. Is it possible to force this behaviour ?
the dateStyle property has 4 settings, good, but all format day with one digit for day from 01 to 09.


The date format string property is just a string. To display two digit days just edit the string including dd. You can always add a dynamic property that is a string bound to a dateFormat expression to force the format if the component does not have a format string property.

Hi Travis,

I think we do not talk about the same dateStyle property. The one I’m talking to is the property of a DateRange compoment (embedded in chart or standalone).
See screencap enclosed.

There are only the three options for displaying the date (MDY,DMY,YMD) all of which only display the day as a single digit for 1-9. Unfortunately there is no way to get the day to be displayed as two digits.


I have encountered a similar restriction in the available Date Style options in the Date Range component.

Of the 3 options, my preference is always the ISO standard and unambiguous YMD, however when formatted to be only up to 2 digits for each element, it becomes more ambiguous e.g. how is 10/11/12 to be interpreted when the user doesn’t know if YMD, MDY or DMY was selected.

Please can you add a feature request to either add to the options (or replace one) with the full-expression of “yyyy-MM-dd”.

Image attached for your reference.


Hi Ignition team, can you respond to the above queries?