Date Range Component question

Can the Date Range Component Start Date be ‘preloaded’ when a window opens? I’m trying to use the internalFrameActivated event of the window opening to set the startDate property to a date but continue to get an error of “can’t convert ‘my value’ to java.util.Date”.

Yes, you just need to bind the start date and end date to an expression like now(0).

What I’m looking to do is just set either date one time, upon entering the window. If I bind it, then it continuously resets to that value. I just need an example of the expression to do this.

The expression “now(x)” will continuously reevaluate every x seconds. If you use a 0, then it will only evaluate when the window opens.

If you are using a SQL Query, then you can set the Polling Mode to “Off” to get the same effect.