Date range component's 'endDate' property is wrong

Good day to you all wonderful people,

I've been messing with vision a bit lately, and here's something that bothers me. A lot. This:


Notice anything wrong ? Yep, the time says 2pm, but the slider goes up to 3pm.
Zooming just a bit more...


And it becomes 2:59. Was it 2:59 all along but was truncated ?

But WHY would it be 2:59 ? I entered the time manually at the zoom level of the first screenshot (without the minutes).
And, sure enough, the Data.endDate property actually is 2:59 !

Practical use that gets boinked because of this:
Add a report viewer, bind its endDate parameter to the date range's Data.endDate, enter the desired time range... and you get one extra hour on your report.

It's weird and I don't like it !

Version is 8.1.25.

Well that's all for me, you guys have a good day !


That end date doesn't look very compliant. I hope it's in the report :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, Vision's date range components don't do half-open intervals like they should. :man_shrugging: