Date range selector in Perspective

I wonder is there any hack or tricks to have a nice date range selector like Power Chart range selector in Perspective.
That one is really nice one and if we can somehow use it separately from Power Chart it would be perfect.


I haven't found any tricks to replicate it, but there is an open request for IA to incorporate this as a component:

This is probably not as fancy as you're looking for but it's functional for a small form factor date selection. The double arrows add 24 hours and the single arrows add 1 hour.


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This looks really clean, how did you do it?

It's just a date picker control with buttons on either side (flex layout).

The buttons just add or subtract hours with a simple script.

One flex container aligns the label with the stuff on the bottom. Then the stuff on the bottom is inside another flex container (inside the main flex container) that's oriented in the other direction.

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