Date selection using spinner and dropdown

Hello, I'm new to Induction and programming!

I have a window of several realtime EasyCharts that will all show different tag histories but all within the same time span. At the top of the window, I allow the user to "display tag histories from the last [some months/years." I utilized a spinner for the user to select an integer, and a dropdown list to select either months or years. I'm unsure of how to create a property of this timeframe selection with the two componentss, and I'm also unsure on how to bind the starting date of all of the EasyCharts to this selected timeframe. If I could get some tips and pointers that would be great!

I'm not answering your question but just making you aware (in case you're not) that EasyChart supports multiple sub-plots within the one chart. That means that they all share a common X-axis, all the Y-axes line up1 and any time selection or zooming (I can't remember if that's an option) apply to the complete chart.

1 A problem with independent charts is that the Y-axis horizontal position varies with the width of the Y-axis tick labels. Thus it is impossible to reliably get the plots to line up.

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I answered this question here: