Date type column in Dataset (Spain)

Good morning.

This problem is currently occurring in version 7.9.9 of Ignition with Datasets (memory tag) that have a column of type Date (it only happens with the Date type, it does not happen for example with the String type):

First of all you have to create a Dataset with a column of type Date and apply the changes:

Next, one or more rows are added to the Dataset:

It seems that the rows are added without problems, but when applying the changes, the rows and the column of the Dataset are eliminated, and this one takes the value NULL:


I think the problem is related to the date format. Maybe, as I am in Spain there is an internal error of incompatibility.

Best Regards.

Did you try the date portion in ISO8610 format?


I have tried that and the problem continues.

Any help, please?

IIRC, there was a bug in the tag editor making its dataset editor popup unreliable. I don’t recall what versions were affected. Try using a dataset property in a temporary window’s root container to compose your dataset, and place a button with a script that will write that dataset to the memory tag.

Ok. Thank you.
I think it is fixed in Ignition 8.