dateArithmetic -- Hours and Minutes

I know i can use dateArithmetic(now(), -12, "hrs") and get what happened 12 hours ago from now but i am trying to do -12hrs and -7 mins ago. Is it possible to do this all in one expression maybe like:
dateArithmetic(now(), -12, "hrs", -7 , "mins") It's not working for me if it is... Any suggestions. I am trying to pull a previous shifts report but i have sql tables that do not update until the end of a 12 hr shift. They want the report as close to the end of the shift as possible. I know all of my tables that i am accessing are populated by this time. I am using this as a Parameter in a sql query in the Reporting module.

dateArithmetic(dateArithmetic(now(), -12, "hrs"), -7, "mins")

I would probably just convert 12hrs and 7 min to 727 minutes though.


Thank you. I was definitely over thinking that one.

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