Hello All
When I use the dateArithmetic function I get the msg …
‘dateArithmetic is not defined’
Any help appreciated.
Steve Hargraves


If you are trying to use “dateArithmetic” in a script then it won’t work because its is an expression and only used in expression tag bindings.

If you want some date arithmetic in scripts then take a look here


to get some ideas

I’ve found that the java date stuff is much easier to work with. Of course that’s just my opinion. Here’s a bit of code that would make two dates, now and 7 days from now:

from java.util import Calendar
now = Calendar.getInstance()
later = now.clone()
print now.getTime()
print later.getTime()

I think what I like about using java stuff is the documentation is much better than jython’s.

Thank you for your prompt replies.
Steve Hargraves