DateTime Client Tag not working

In Ignition 7.6.4rc1 when I create a datetime client tag, I can’t set a value in the designer or with a script :
Cannot coerce value …




Have you tried setting the FormatString?

Without setting the format string the date would not show, but I didn’t receive an error. After setting the
format string the date showed.

If you did set the FormatString, and are receiving the error, what format did you give it?


Ok, I tried the format string you used and didn’t receive an error message. I would try updating Java to 7 update 25 and see if this resolves the issue.

Yes with the format String “yyyy-MM-dd h:mm:ss a” it’s OK.
The format String had been perhaps lost during the import from the GW 7.5.5 backup to 7.6.4rc1???
Thanks for your help :thumb_left: