DateTime Input control is skipping February?

Our people using Ignition Perspective noticed in the last few days that when the DateTime Input control is opened (set to date only), and they click the right arrow to leave January and go to February, it takes them straight to March. If you go back and forth after that, it works normally, but that first jump forward misses a whole month.

It can't be anything to do with how we are configuring it or binding variables or events or anything like that. I slapped a control on a page and did no configuration whatsoever, and it still skipped February. This is default, out-of-the-box behavior.

Is this happening to anyone else?

We encountered this a very long time ago (August 2021, V8.1.9), and we opened a ticket at that time. When we got around to fixing it (8.1.12), we were unable to replicate the issue any longer and hadn't been able to replicate it since. What version are you using?

My Designer's Help window says my Ignition Platform is version 8.1.20.

Also, as of this morning, it is not doing it anymore. I assume that now that the real-world calendar has rolled over to February, it's starting from a different index number when it first opens . . . or something like that. In any event, it's good to know we weren't imagining things.