Datetime Input doesn't update selected date after reopening view

I use DateTime input component in a dock view. At first time I open dock view the props.value = null and picking date is work as expected.
After closing and re-opening dock view the DateTime input component has its last selected value but if i want to select a new daye and time again, that doesn’t work. even I can’t change the time and min entries.
For clearance I take a video. At first time it works and opening dock again it doen’t.

I noticed the same strange behavior.
I am currently working on a 8.0.5 gateway.
It is very annoying :no_mouth:

Thank you.

I also try it on 8.0.7 and 8.0.6.
I wonder why none from IA confirm it and make a ticket for it.

Because they might not have noticed this forum post. This forum is not official support. Open a ticket at for actual, official support.


@nader.chinichian Did you go forward on posting this issue in the support portal?
If not, I can do it in order to solve the problem asap.

Thank you.

Yes I did this yesterday.
Please forward this bug to support too. If so many people request it it may fix sooner

I did it as well today.

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Hi every one,

Did you solve this issue? I have Ignition 8.0.9 and I have the same problem, and it also ocurrs with dropdown list components.

Thank you.

Yes I test it in 8.0.10 and it work as it should be.

Thanks for the respose. Did you do any special configuration? I recently update from 8.0.9 to 8.0.10 to solve other issue for auto range in time series chart, but I got the same error. Dates revert to the state saved in the designer.

No nothing just in designer leave the date picker empty and let user change it.