Datetime is different between Ignition and PLC

I am reading into Ignition a datetime data type from a Siemens S7-300PLC connected to Ignition via SIMATIC NET OPC server. Using Ignition 7.6

The issue I am having is that the datetime is off by four hours. The time in the PLC is the correct time but when I look at the tag in Ignition the time is four hours behind.

What can cause this issue?

There are numerous places in Ignition, yet the one to check first is the time set for the Gateway. A difference of 4 hours sounds like an issue with setting the time zone ( which reminds me that we are on Daylight Savings time here, Arizona residents might be the exception ). The time that you set into the PLC and the time set in Ignition may or may not be aligned to IEEE1588 standards, depending on your hardware. Your server may or may not be slaved to the same source as the PLC. So are you using NTP ( Network Time ) or what was keyed into the SIMATIC NET OPC Server or PLC time as a reference? In other words, you have four to six possible time sources- slaved together or not…

By the way, an associate reminded me that the following is always available:
https// then see policies
You may want to have some of the following handy: Version of Ignition, Versions of Operating Systems ( not just Win10, maybe 10.x.xxxx ) , copy of Gateway settings including time set and time zone set.