DateTime math troubles

I am attempting to calculate a time difference between two DateTime objects. The first object is The second object is giving me trouble. the second object is taken from a row in a dataset that was populated with a SQL query to a MySQL database.

current_datetime =
event_set_time = tbl.getValueAt(selrow, 'IG_Event_Set_time')

The customer wants to know the time difference in minutes (since_reset_time).
Something along the order of:, event_set_time)

The event_set_time DateTime can actually be up to 10 days prior to current_datetime. The customer wants the since_reset_time in minutes. Every attempt I have made to calculate this number has resulted in some sort of datatype error.

What is the datatype of that table column ?

You can do tbl.getColumnType(tbl.getColumnIndex('IG_Event_Set_time')).

If the type of your column is string,

you’ll have to convert the time into date, one way is as below:

from java.util import Calendar
from java.text import SimpleDateFormat

Date format will vary.
time = SimpleDateFormat('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss').parse(time)

If the date format is date,
Can you post the Error ?

Hi. The column in mysql is a DATETIME. The column in the dataset is Date.
This is the closest I have come to getting this to work:

#			Calculate Event Since Set Time
			since_set_time_format = str(,current_time_raw))		
#			since_set_time_format = current_datetime - event_set_datetime
			since_set_str = str(since_set_time_format)

I am pretty sure there are more than 465 minutes between the two Datetimes

Amm, Something’s not right. I just checked mine with two different dates from SQL.

Can you please

print event_set_time_raw
print type(event_set_time_raw)
print current_time_raw
print type(current_time_raw)

Why not just use

That’s right !! Sometime I can only think non straightforward ways of solving problems

I shall try

101   print event_set_time_raw
102   print type(event_set_time_raw)
103   print current_time_raw
104   print type(current_time_raw)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “event:mouseReleased”, line 2, in
File “”, line 102, in ShowDetails
TypeError: ‘unicode’ object is not callable

I shall try:
current_time_parse =

event_set_time_raw = tbl.getValueAt(selrow, ‘IG_Event_Set_Time’)
event_set_time_parse =

		since_set_time_test	= str(,current_time_parse))
Uploading seems to be not working for me today. The result is:
Set                     2020-06-04 05:51:07 
Since Set (min)         1021

I ran the script at     2020-07-04 07:28:03