DateTimeInput general for a project

Hello all,

I´m developing a project that uses DateTimeInput to define a date to get data, I’m using DateTimeInput in each view, but I want to generate a DateTimeInput general to all views of my project. How can I do that?

It sounds like you’re looking to make a global date that can be accessed from all views.

One way that you could accomplish this is by creating a memory tag of type DateTime. You would then do a direct tag binding on the value of the DateTime Input component to the tag you created. Make sure that you mark Bidirectional true in the binding. This would make the selected DateTime a global value that would change with any of the DateTime Input components that you did the binding on.

If you wanted to make this the default behavior for all your DateTime Inputs, you could make a view of just a DateTime Input component with your binding and use that as an embedded view throughout your project.