DateTimeInput perspective component

Hi everybody.

I´m testing with IGNITION 8.0.1 plattform and perspective enviroment and having problems with DateTimeInput component when link datetime to a XYChart it doesn´t work.
My data is over MYSQL Database.
I have tested with the other time component the DateTimePcker and it works.

Any idea?

thank you very much.

“it doesn’t work” doesn’t really tell us much, so could you be a little more specific regarding your issue?

Two things to check out anyway because people hit them quite often:

  1. The DateTimeInput starts with no value property, so check that you’re not binding against an empty DateTimeInput.props.value. You can always put the Designer into Preview mode, select a date, then exit Preview mode to pre-populate.
  2. There are known issues when changing the displayed data on an XYChart at runtime (the underlying library has some issues).

Once I bind the XYChart startdate to the DatetimeInput component it does not even allow to change the date or time.