Day picker highlight production days

Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone has come across or developed a day picker that includes the ability to highlight specific days.

In my project, I'm creating a production dashboard, and it would be useful if I could highlight the days when production took place in the day picker.

Has anyone encountered such a solution or have any ideas on how to implement it?

i did something like that in the past, but it didnt really work back then without js, since css alone didnt know about what year was selected.

But now i have found a method to use js, so it should be possible to do now...

creating a mutation observer on the calander, (or just an event lister on the butons/dropdown) that then can find the selected year/month.
would allow you to apply a style for one of the possible 31 days

here were the styles that didnt work back then:

i dont have time to make a js like this right now, if you have some js experience i can point you to some of the examples and you should be able to do this quite easily, if not than you will have to ping me again in a month orso